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Enjoy A Home Crafted Only For You

Your lifestyle changes over time, and you may find that your home no longer serves you in the way that you need. Now is the perfect time to build the home you’ve always wanted.

With a custom-designed home, you can achieve the exact style and function that your daily life demands with thoughtfully curated materials, dimensions, and features to truly personalize and enhance your living space.

Now more than ever, your home is the focal point of your life. Used as everything from an office to a gym to a recreation hub, your needs and creativity should not be limited by the walls of your house. Let us create a home for you and your family that represents you in every way with a thoughtful remodel personalized to your lifestyle.

Personalize Every Corner With Custom Cabinetry

Every home has the potential to become a masterpiece, and yours should truly reflect your unique style. Let us upgrade your kitchen to meet your family’s needs, while providing an aesthetic that matches your taste.

Equip your kitchen with a custom pantry, cabinets, or practical pull-outs and shelves that you won’t find in stores—the possibilities are endless. With D.L. Customs, you’ll be proud your dream kitchen was “built, not bought.”

Whatever customization you desire, we’re here to give you that coveted personal touch with thoughtfully-designed cabinetry made just for you.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Like most of us, you probably spend the majority of your time in the kitchen and bathroom, so these should be top priority as you consider updating your home. Let us give these important spaces in your home a fresh touch to maximize your living experience each and every day.

Experiencing a big change doesn’t necessarily require a big budget—small enhancements like new cabinets and a fresh coat of paint have the power to revive any room! When you’re ready to see your rooms in a new light, D.L. Customs is your trusted kitchen and bathroom remodeler.

Our Services

Custom Cabinetry

Your home should reflect your style and meet your needs so you can feel comfortable and secure. If you think that your home needs an upgrade, a fresh look is easy to achieve with custom cabinetry.

With a new set of custom cabinets, you can transform and maintain your home’s appearance for years to come. Regardless of the room you’re considering, our craftsmen are here to add some custom magic with a design created just for you.

Let us bring your style into the spotlight with custom-built cabinets that fit your space and lifestyle.

Custom Homes

There’s a reason they say “home is where the heart is” – it’s a special place close to you and your family’s heart. The perfect setting for your forever home is just as important as the building itself. If you’ve been looking to buy a home, you know that finding the dream house with the perfect size, perfect look, and in an ideal neighborhood is challenging.

Let go of the stress and let us build you a fully customized home in the location of your choosing! With a customized home, you not only get a personalized living space, but you cultivate the exact environment you’ve always wanted both inside and outside.

It’s time to create special memories with loved ones in a home that truly feels yours.

Kitchen Remodeling

Be it a holiday feast, family dinner, or just an average Wednesday, your kitchen is the space where everybody gathers. If it’s been a while since your kitchen has had a makeover, it might be time to show it some love.

Your kitchen can become a beautiful and more functional amenity than ever imagined with custom cabinets that provide optimal storage and bright tile reflects the joyous mood of the room. With a personal touch and our professional expertise, your kitchen can be transformed into the perfect room for making family memories.

Make your kitchen shine again and gather the whole family in a space that is uniquely yours.

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is there to greet you first thing in the morning and is the last room you use at night. For a pleasurable daily routine, it’s important that your bathroom not only functions well but feels relaxing.

A new bathroom can improve your comfort and sense of well-being while adding style to your home as well. Selecting luxurious custom features and a thoughtful design, your bathroom can rival that of 5-star hotels. With custom cabinetry for enhanced storage, you can have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Dare to transform your bathroom into a place of relaxation, where form and function collide in harmony. At D.L. Customs, we’ll help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams in a matter of weeks.

Discover A Hassle-Free Process

Personalizing your home for you and your loved ones should be a reason to celebrate. Here, at D.L. Customs, we've created a stress-free process where you can relax while we bring your vision to life.

Step 1. Phone Consultation

Fill out our form to give us all the details about your project. We’ll get back to you for a phone consultation to discuss the timeline, the budget, and plan for an on-site design consultation. 

Step 2. On-Site Design Consultation

We conduct an on-site design consultation for a $1500 fee. This includes inspecting and measuring the project site, and assessing the working environment and project scope. At this stage, we’ll use our 3D design software to show you exactly what the final project will look like before we ever pick up a tool.

Step 3. Building Your Dream

Once we review the contract together and agree upon all the details, we promptly get to work on your project until it’s perfectly completed. We seal your home so it’s protected and safe from any dust or debris, and we thoroughly clean the site upon completion. We pride ourselves on working efficiently so you can get back to your daily life in no time!

Step 4. Enjoy Your Custom Home

After the project is finished and the place is sparkling clean, you can gather your loved ones to celebrate your improved home. Enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year labor warranty and our follow-up plan—we’ll check in with you in 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months after the project is complete to make sure it still exceeds your expectations. Near the end of the first year, we’ll also personally visit your house to assess any future needs.

Transforming Wood Into Beautiful Stories

Hi! I’m Dylan Laughery, and I’m the owner of D.L. Customs. As far back as I can remember, woodworking has been a passion of mine. I love how it allows me to channel my creativity into making something unique for every customer. Transforming a piece of wood into something beautiful and functional takes time and skill, but it’s all worth it when I see the faces of our happy homeowners.

My journey to fine custom cabinetry work has been a rollercoaster with a lot of moving with my family. But in 2017, I returned home to Iowa and started my company to provide my community with the best service while also living close to my family. I’m proud to supply neighbors and homeowners with a new level of comfort and functionality through my passion for building and craftsmanship.

When you work with D.L. Customs, we’ll get a partner who listens carefully to your vision and transforms it into a home that reflects your personality and meets your family’s everyday needs.

Happy Homeowners Like You Say…

Your comfort and peace of mind are what matter the most to us. We aim to offer a hassle-free experience while we get to help you create the best version of your home. Here is what other happy homeowners like you say about our services:


Dylan worked so hard helping us with our design, brought unique ideas, was professional, and most of all he created a truly beautiful space for us. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Jennifer Policky


Beautiful homes I could only have in my dreams!! Amazing work!!!!

Alyssa Fallon Seaman


The finish work is of excellent quality!! Dylan has great ideas and will also listen to what you really want!!! Highly recommend!!

Marcia Roenfeld

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